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El Pardito Update
Newsletter - April 2012

Dear friends,

It's been a year since my last newsletter and I wanted to update you on some new developments.

Exciting News...
Here Lies My Heart is being distributed by Dark Hollow Films to the US educational community. The film is being marketed to libraries, universities and colleges to be used in classrooms that teach Spanish, Marine Biology, Ecology, Sustainable Fisheries, Culture and History, Natural History, Sociology, Mexican Folk Music (Ranchera) and English (specifically John Steinbeck and "The Log From the Sea of Cortez"). So if you know any librarians or teachers who could use the film in their classrooms, please pass on the link to buy Here Lies My Heart from the website of Dark Hollow Films. DVDs are available to individuals for $20. Feel free to contact me if you are interested. You can also make donations through the website,

In November 2011, I met with the families from the island in La Paz with the help of Amy and Juan from the environmental group, Niparajá *. We discussed using the proceeds from the DVD sales for a community project that would benefit everyone on the island. The families told me they'd like to apply for a grant for a small desalinization plant so they could have fresh water. The grant application requires that they also receive an outside donation, so I will contribute the DVD proceeds to that end. If the grant is approved, all of you who have purchased the DVD will know your money has gone toward a good cause-- bringing fresh water to the families living on El Pardito. I will keep you posted on these developments.

On a sadder note, I'm sorry to say in February we lost Maria, a very dear person from the island. She was in La Paz for over a year dealing with an injured ankle and then eventually succumbed to cancer. Some of you knew her as the woman who made jewelry and welcomed us into her store to see her beautiful work. Here is a picture of her with her husband Güerro. She will be missed and I send my loving and healing thoughts to her dear family and friends.

In September 2011, Here Lies My Heart screened at DocUtah in St. George, UT. I had a great experience attending the film festival and wrote this essay on the DocUtah blog, (scroll down to September).

In December 2011, Here Lies My Heart won a prestigious Award of Merit from The Accolade Competition which recognizes film, television and new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity, and those who produce standout entertainment or contribute to profound social change. Entries are judged by highly qualified professionals in the film and television industry.

I am grateful for these honors and look forward to more creative endeavors and helping the families from El Pardito. Thanks for your help in this journey.

Warm wishes to all,
Linn Harter

One who was born by the ocean or has associated with it cannot ever be quite content away from it for very long.
--John Steinbeck, "The Log From The Sea of Cortez"

* Niparajá is a Mexican nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve the natural heritage of Baja California Sur through concerted actions based on scientific principles, for the benefit of local communities and for current and future generations.

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