Dear Linn,
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your film! I am so impressed! It took me to another beautiful world for 50 minutes.
I was so relaxed! What sweet people you came to know. You did a wonderful job. Exquisite in its simplicity. I will watch it again and again, whenever I need to “get out of LA.”

Hi Linn,
We received the DVD and enjoyed watching it. We have passed it around our family to give them an idea about what it’s like on the island.
Like you, my son is very fond of the Cuevas family and their lifestyle. My parents came from large farm families as well as my wife’s parents all farmed. Some still live on farms that were homesteaded in the 1870’s. There are many similarities in lifestyles with our Mexican friends. Large, happy extended families, lots of food. Appointments not necessary to stop by for a visit and coffee. I told my son that the Cuevas family is like the part of our family that he never knew.
Again, great job, Linn.
Thanks, so much,

What a wonderful gift you have given us with your story about the incredible place that is Baja. I will continue to spread the news about your film, especially to former Mar y Aventuras travelers who may not have heard about it yet!
Thanks again!